Building an Internet Marketing Agency

I've worked at 2 different marketing agencies and handled some 1/2 million in ad spend / month for fortune 500 clients. I've also built my own 6 figure consulting business. In this talk, I'll lay out the blueprint on how someone starting their own agency can walk away from this talk (in 25 minutes) and start getting clients right away (with email scripts & examples).

SEO Techniques

Traffic techniques are constantly changing. I want to get with a few traffic generators who demonstrated massive success in both SEO & PPC and talk about what techniques are actually working now & how you can take advantage of them immediately.

The Hero of Your Own Story

A while back Joe Rogan talked about becoming the hero of your own story. Worth watching.

The team on ONIT decided to make it a little cleaner & more concise - here's their version.

Be The Hero of Your Own Movie